الأحد، 21 مايو 2017

Trump between internal and external discontent....

Since the first moment of candidacy for the US presidency and criticism, and for Russia not to interfere in the elections Trump success and took over the presidency of America Hillary ... That is Trump's success through an enemy and a bitter opponent of the Americans, which defies the leaders of the two major parties in America, the Democratic and Republican and recently met to take over the investigations in a recent publication in newspapers The truth of these words and appointed a special investigator to investigate in this matter, the FBI's director Robert Mollerbdp approval of the US Department of Justice in this regard ... Trump commented on this (that is not taken as President of the country in this regard as "This puts the interests of the country at risk, which means that he is troubled and confirms that things are things ... He also said that this is exposing the country to a rift in American society and division.
This is the internal view of the country and, according to the man, that created a division and a rift in American society and the right man with the orientations of the unfamiliar and not true at all created a visible division and a rift in the American society is visible.
Or the external acceptance of the man, even the Europeans accept the pressure of the considerations of his rhetoric in the midst of the elections that we protect you and give in exchange for our protection to you (ie Europeans), that the satisfaction, not even from the allies of America in the indignation of the Europeans clear

As for the core issues, the world is dealing with the Islamic entity in the world arrogantly as well as on the Asian side and the issues of war and missiles launched by Korea's protection ... exposure to the individual exposure after China waved no interference, that is the beginning of political confusion in the exposure of crises and events occur The world.
                                                                           In the end, if this investigator were to be proven about Russia's defiance of Trump on Hillary in the recent election, it would be a pre-emptive step for Trump's ex-post-runner-up with former President Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal and resign from office.
                                                                         Yatri will happen
                                      This illustrates the events in the following days and that for tomorrow the theory of a relative .......

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