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Many far from the peoples of the Western world and the Americas accuse religion of Islam and its adherents with terrorism and extremism ... as they claim unfairly and slanderously that Islam spread by the sword ... and tell them that Islam is legitimate religion of moderation and religion orthodox approach to do good it is permissible and do Acharfzlk Terminator curse smoothly and rationalization through a messenger came from before the revelation of heaven and by the creator of the universe God Almighty ..jae our Master and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and after receiving the revelation of Amin revelation Gabriel message Conclusion and the religion of Islam is a missionary and a guide to the right path in life, which is good for from pursuing the Apostle approach and follow the example of him and repent of charge and too proud. Any that Islam came as a message finale for all religions ..jae for all mankind as a message finale ..oaadha to show that Islam is a religion no one will ever be forced belonging mechanism and charitable affiliation mechanism comes from the post-conviction who seeks and clarify concepts so is skepticism to certainty fluent ability of the Creator in control of the universe, and as stated in an airtight download the Koran ... ((everything he has by)), ie, that the universe is impossible to deviate from the norms and laws of the Creator, the sun rises in the east and sets from Morocco to come penalize night system to graduate never for an elaborate system pose Creator Gel Ali .om of claim for that Islam was spread by the sword the answer for them so the position of the Messenger of God in the cradle of the message in Khudaibiya of after Tkalpoa attic Quraysh in Mecca when he was a resident him and Domoa stenosis attic and raised problems with him until deported ..opalfl fed up with them and decided to leave Mecca of migrants to the city Almedinh..ovi Islam spread and prepared preparing to return to Mecca pilgrims and visitors to the House of God ..omen after the kit was prepared and personnel are traveling to Mecca, met with a delegation of Quraish at the entrances to Mecca to reach an understanding with him ... the so-called Hudaybiya Treaty or agreement Hudaybiyah ..ovih and after understanding the Messenger of allah is with the delegation of Quraish at the entrances of Mecca and before Mecca enter Acharoaalah that comes in the next year and set conditions for it, agreed that the Aatad agreement a the next year ..ordja Messenger of allah and spangle his companions and said to him, Why ... Why O Messenger of God we are the strongest and accept Aldnip in judgment ... said unto them, Be Lenin in understanding .ccant for friendly insight and wise Mscserv by next year .fja next year and prepared the Apostle gunning and his companions and soldiers heading to the city ... but the Quraysh violated the covenant and agreement, which was invited to enter Mecca, the Prophet manned victoriously victor Quraysh Ali and prisoners of Quraish infidels and a lot after what Behm met any family Matznon told them that I am an active Bakm ..faqaloa. ..okh cream and cream nephew ..ferd them the Messenger of God and they insulted him and abused him .. not Ona laminate them and said to them ... you are free ... just go after this position and influence in those converted to Islam and embraced the religion of Islam and, testified that no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah ..vtlk respond Kafba those Atcolon that Islam was spread by the sword never ..ibda .. also that in an airtight download Koran Sura Tattabrbmthabh it optional for those who embrace a Maiatnq named Surat unbelievers in the Koran and can refer to it through the site in several languages ​​about Islam ..mouka House of Islam by copies of the Koran in all languages ​​of the world for anyone who loves to get out and understand and then judged whether Islam is a religion, or the religion of extremism unorthodox moderate. As the West provokes crises through online from those countries Muslims are seen to them as a class Gurmergob faithful and also by those who are invisible in the veil or burqa has a sense of Islam that the veil worn by Ms. voluntarily without the imposition of one as that of the law of Islam wise forgave the woman that was too shy to communicate with men that wearing a burqa .. also optional ..vlmama racism in this deal and when they come to a Muslim country as tourists are treated better treatment ... without distinction as to the hottest events that the world is going through now yields dramatic impact of an incident during the invasion of Iraq, which he has done George W. Bush and Iraq invader without good reasons, sparking chaos in the country and sectarianism that have affected a profound effect more and far through this attack, which has been without a UN resolution by the United Nations on the decision of war ... it makes the world a forest invoking force in dealing with data events without solution negotiating a peaceful and that Saddam Hussein was told that there is a search and did not find anything already ... but the terrorist George Bush and Tony Blair in several terrorist Ali agreed to enter the armed force Iraq ..ualla contrast, we find that the international community, in alliance with the right and legitimacy Aban Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 2003..ogdna events all over the world met the legal legitimacy in response to this aggression ... which means that the international community wants not endorse the right and wrong, war and arrogance of power in dealing with the events ... peaceful coexistence among peoples of all religions to deal imposed by Hassan with the states to each other without going wars that the dialogue is a way of understanding .. also that the accident ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in 3/7 his payoff minus those events tragic and which passes by the world far from Anqlat international conventions and abide by and if we were in a jungle war machine and arrogance control ... military and attic activating the role of the United Nations, through the decisions with regard to wage war, they must do and take seriously socket in dealing .omanrah far from the scenes in Ukraine Pmahaddt also reminds me of a sit-in in Egypt and it was a peaceful sit-fourth dealt with the authorities Bonthecat unlike what is happening now in Ukraine sit in Donetsk Muslh..oa that what happened in Egypt and did not Thsab attic current authorities Vetoaba those tragic event will be refunded and the beginning Manchahdh far from armed conflicts Manaaaih groups of countries backed by other countries in the absence of international legitimacy and the role of intelligence in that the greatest impact ..uallah appeal to officials respective personnel to save world peace and the UN to put before their eyes what is happening now in the world of events should Aauh and deal with him in the future avoidance of silence in front of his events Almkarod emergency sessions for decision ... is not right in front of cases of absolute silence states violate the difficulty ... that can not be entertained there will be ethnic conflicts and the Security Council stands silent with regard to that events ...

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How are Americans supporting ISIS on social media? - YouTube

How are Americans supporting ISIS on social media? - YouTubeالاسلام دولة الخلافة ...الاسلام والريادة العالمية ليس من قبيل التفاخر والتباهي ولكن من قبل ارادة اللة عزوجل الخالق لهذا الكون والقائل في محكم التنزيل الي رسولة وخاتم الانبياء والمرسلين محمد بن عبد اللة ...((وما ارسلناك الا رحمة للعالمين )) رسول الي الانسانية كافة مبشرا وهاديا بأذنة وصراطا مستقيم .صلي اللة علية وسلم